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Mill Dam school is still Brill (Good)

We have had a recent visit from Ofsted and the report is now available, it can be found here:

50178978 (ofsted.gov.uk)


While there are always areas for improvement, the report is very positive and we have retained our ‘Good’ rating.


Here are some extracts…


“The pupils at Ackworth Mill Dam spoke very positively about their school. They summed
up their school in three words: ‘fun, safe, well-organised’. Leaders have high expectations
of pupils. The curriculum is ambitious. Pupils respond well to the challenges they are


“Pupils behave well. When pupils do not behave as they should, staff act calmly and
confidently to manage behaviour. Pupils were clear that bullying is a rare event, but they
said that when it does happen, staff deal with it well.”


“Leaders have made reading a key priority. There is a well-organised programme to teach
phonics. This starts in Nursery. Leaders support teachers to develop their expertise.
Teachers read to pupils every day. There are initiatives to encourage good reading habits
throughout the school.”


“Leaders put a great deal of emphasis on pupils’ personal development. Leaders have
worked hard to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on extra-curricular activities.
Programmes in sport and music have been maintained. Years 5 and 6 go swimming this
year. This change ensures that no year groups miss out on this opportunity.”


Thankyou to all of our Learners, teachers and parents for making Mill Dam the special place that it is.

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