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We aim to enable all our learners to have access to as broad and balanced a curriculum as possible.


Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is Mrs. Carole Stevenson, who can be contacted via the school office 01977 610062.


Work in all subject areas is differentiated to enable all learners to succeed and make progress from their own starting point. All members of the teaching staff consider themselves to be Special Needs Teachers. Learners and adults alike value each other, whatever their talents or barriers to learning.

We believe that all learners are entitled to an appropriate broad and balanced education. We give our learners, including those with SEN, the skills that will enable them to be fully included in the life of the school. It is our belief that the inclusion of SEN learners brings benefits to everyone.


All learners can learn from one another and are valued, regardless of difficulties or barriers to learning.


We aim, through inclusion, to promote respect and understanding for all learners regardless of differences. We expect that all our learners will benefit from a policy of inclusion; that learners will realise that there are others with needs different to their own and that these learners are equal members of our school. Conversely we consider it important that all our learners (including those with special educational needs) feel themselves to be equal members of our school.


We encourage all the learners to have high aspirations for themselves and to have pride in their achievements. This is reinforced by private recognition and public celebration of achievements. Integration is achieved practically by differentiation in the classroom where appropriate, by specific arrangements for individual children at playtimes, mealtimes and when moving around school. There is a whole school response towards Learner’s needs when appropriate.


Information on the local SEND offer can be found here:

Homepage (mylocaloffer.org)

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